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TURN BACK YOUR BIOLOGICAL CLOCK : Will aging soon be curable?

HI friend! For those of you that follow me on social media, you know I am all about slowing down, and reversing the aging process. I like to call myself an Anti-Aging Geek and a passionate bio-hacker. I love to learn about this area and share with you all the juicey details. We can reverse aging. Yes, this is reality today. Here is what we need to understand. Aging is like a disease. The 21st century could see anti-aging therapies that are as important to people as anitibiotics were in the past century. How we think about aging might undergo a radical change.

As we age it is a must to take supplements. We cannot get all that our body needs to thrive with food alone, especially as we age. I dont know about you but I would rather spend money on my health and longetvity than a new pair of fancy shoes or a hang bag. That being said I will continue to share the best with you and how they can help you live a vibrant life as you age.

Let's talk about an amazing supplement called NAD+.

"NAD replacment is one of the most exciting things happening in the biology of aging" Dr;' Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research.

NAD+ plays a central role in regulating and energizing our cells. The problem is that we make less and less NAD+ as we get older-which is where supplementing is beneficial. Poor sleep, unhealthy eating, too much alcohol, and pro-longed low grade inflammation deplete us eve more. Here's a short list of the consequences:

  1. obesity

  2. chronic fatigue

  3. diminshed brain function

  4. accelerated aging

Our cells absorb small amounts of NAD+ precursors from certain foods. But it would be a tall order to drink enough milk or eat enough salmon or mushrooms to make up for our age driven short fall. So what's the solution? The link below will take you too a quality supplement which I have added to my age reversal regimen.

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