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that was scary!

Sometimes the people closest to us need the most help, but it can cause a wedge in the relationship, so we stop. We stop saying, don't eat that it doesn't serve you. We stop asking why there are cookie wrappers in the trash can. We stop tossing the processed foods that are brought into the house. If you have no idea what I am talking about, or can not relate in the slightest I would like to welcome you to my life married to my husband.

I love him to the moon and back, but he is not healthy, crazy part is he thinks he is.

There is this little world so many people live in, called denial. When you are on the road of denial it will eventually lead you down a dead end road called truth. That may be a health scare, a divorce or sometimes death. On this road called denial you will get many signs, weight gain, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, anxiety, depression, the list goes on. Most ignore the signs, until they end up either in the hospital hooked up to machines and or given ultimatums or dead.

That leads me to my story . Matt . My husband is 10 years older than me, and does not embrace a healthy lifestryle like myself. He loves steak, bacon, eggs and cookies. He does not prioritize his workouts and will sometimes sit at his desk for hours without movment. All the while watching this take place as a Health and Wellness Coach it tears me up inside. I try to give advice but he gets defensive amd makes excuses. I decided to shut up and pray that maybe watching me live a healthy life he would follow. Like most he gained about 30 lbs during COVID, barely worked out and drank too much wine. This will catch up to you. Your body can only take so much.

About a month ago, Matt started having trouble sleeping. He would explain to me that he could not breath when he laid down. We both attributed it to anxiety, due to business and other things happening in his life. I had noticed that he had always had a bit of labored breathing, but I attributed that to his not being in the best shape. Let's face it, Matt had a belly and that is the worst type of fat. This fat is called visceral fat and it is deadly. After a few episodes of not being able to breath at night, we both decided he needed to go to the ER to see what was going on. Upon arriving at the hospital, they checked his heart rate, he was 140 beats per minute standing still! That's my heart rate doing cardio! He was immediatley admitted to the hospital. After an entire week of test and procedures, he was diagnosed with AFIB, which is an irregular heartbeat, put on ton of meds and told to stop eating all the shit he eats!

I am grateful he is alive, and grateful God decided to give him this nudge as my contant nudges were not working. While in the hospital he lost 10 lbs and is on the journey to lose 10 more. His total weight loss as of this blog is 30 lbs . He has changed his relationship with food and sees it as fuel and nourishment. He listens to my advice a bit more now.

A health scare means many things, but the most important take away is, it is your body telling you ...,....please stop what you're doing. Please take better care of me.....please feed me nutritious food.......please love me more or I will not make it.

If you are feeling lost, not sure where to start on your journey to health I am here to help. I want you to be your best for you and all who love you.

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