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Let's Catch up Girlfriend!

I have decided I am stepping up my blog game. I want to keep you in the loop with life, the things I have learned along the way and share some of my favorite things with you! I know I love when my friendsshare products she loves, I always appreciate it.

Anyway, I am offically a South Carolina gal! We relocated in October and yes we love it! We decided years ago when all of my kids graduted we would leave New Jersey. I will say it's the best decision we made. We are close enough to take a quick trip to Jersey when we need a grandchild fix, The flight is only an hour so it's all good. We also built our house to have an entire living space upstairs for our children when they visit.

I will say the transition to empty nester is strange and wonderful at the same time (LOL) . We love the freeedom of saying what we want without having to look out for teenagers watching and listening!

When Matt and I first met I had 4 young children at home with me fulltime, 17 and under. Talk about a brave man! He stuck around and now he is reaping the benefits hahaha!

Amyway, let's talk products shall we? I am going to share beauty tricks that save me, and help me feel sexy. I like looking sexy for my husband, and I like when he looks sexy for me.

I have an 80/20 rule when it comes to my products. I go as clean as I can with what I can, but let's face it sometimes the clean products don't work as well friend!

So girlfriend here is a link to all the things in my life I simply am obsessed with and perhaps you will be too.

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