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It starts around age 40, Some women feel a little "off: while others experience significant changes in mood, energy, and stress.

This can signal the first stages of the hormonal rollercoaster that culminates in menopause.

Up to this point, women may experience any of the 11 menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, sleep problems, and vaginal dryness.

Many women want to avoid conventional hormone treatments. Scientists have developed a hormone-free alternative that can reduce symptoms of hormonal imbalance and the related symptoms of menopause.

The unique ingredient, a patented Siberian rhubarb extract, has been shown to improve all 11 menopause symptoms.

Human studies show that Siberian rhubard extract can reduce overall symptom severity by up to 83%.

This Siberian rhubard can now be found in a formula with essential B vitamins also shown to improve energy, mood, and stress.

Youthful Woman 40 with B complex has been formulated for women over 40 to feel their best!

A patented Siberian rhubard extract called ERr 731 has been clinically shown to improve 11 discomforts including :

Hot flashes Sexual Function

Night Sweats Joint Discomfort

Irratability Bladder problems

Sleep Disturbances Vaginal Dryness


Link below for more info:

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