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How about having a beautiful and healthy body forever?

We all know we should exercise and reduce stress for the rest of our lives, but aging unfortunatley brings a lack of energy and drive. The desire for the "perfect" body dimnishes somewhat, and we start saying things like "I look good for my age."

Let's talk about a few simple life hacks you can do to debunk aging. Yoga is a wonderful exercise. I will do it until the day I die. Yoga gets me to stretch gently and wake things up. It gets the blood flowing and helps me tune into my body on a spiritual level.

If you eat right, stick to real food, consume little sugar and grains, and put quality content in your mind. NO NEGATIVE NEWS! You can sail through life feeling amazing.

I want you to know, you exacerbate inflammtion and oxidative stress when you reach for sugary foods that offer temporay relief from anxiety, anger, sadness, pain, and displeasure. I'm not talking about fresh fruit, which contains fiber and lots of nutrients and antioxidants. You're probably not drowning your sorrows by indulging in a bowl full of freshly picked blueberries. The sugars we consume under stress tend to be highly refined. They're the sugars in foods that lack the protein or fiber that would slow the biochemical effect of the sugar on the body. The quick energy from sugar may make you feel good in the moment, but the candy bar, cupcake, or glass of wine can spike your insulin, and that causes damage to LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

And while the aging effects of regular drinking start to become obvious to the eye, much of the damage is happening deeper in the body. The brain's pathways for processing dopamine, a natural pain reliever and pleasure creator, stop functioning properly. Over time you start to feel worse sober than you did before the drinking habit took hold.

Do you really want sugar or a sweeter life? Are you seeking spirits in a bottle of vodka, or do you want to find Spirit? Do you self-medicate and suppress your "inconvenient", difficult feelings?

It's far better to detoxify from them and release them so that you can experience sustainble joy, like the Goddess you are!

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