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The practice of walking meditation is mindfulness in motion. It's time to celebrate! Spring is in the air which means longer days, sunshine and more time out in nature. Truly medicine for our souls. There is no better time to get out there and WALK!.

Walking meditation, or mindful walking, is a joyful way to practice mindfulness with movement and an antidote to the frenetic pace that so many of us are used to these days. And it's perhaps one of the simplest ways to play. During mindful walking, you discover the stable feeling of the ground that is always there supporting you. As with sitting meditation, your mind will wander and you will become distrracted-but you can always return your attention to each foot making contact with the ground. There's no single right way to do it. You can walk at a very slow pace, concentrating on each movement of each foot and coordinating your breath. You can also walk at a regular pace, or even move with speed. You can walk a mountain path or stake out a stretch of flat ground. Experiment in the laboratory of your life and find ways to practice that fit your style, schedule, location,-indoors at home or work, or outside in nature.


Another way to help you stay engaged in your direct experience is to look for ways that the season affects what you discover. In the spring we find that the smell of our neighbors' yards is sweet and floral, in the summer, we savor a honeysuckle aroma, and in the autumn, we relish the magnificnet scent of fallen leaves, Your mindfulness skills of attention and awareness, along with all five senses, are fully alive during a mindful walk. Noticing smells, sights, and sounds trains your capacity to tune in to whatever is around you, effectively pulling you out of your head if you're ruminating, daydreaming, or thinking about anything other than what's happening in the moment.

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1 Comment

Hans Otto
Hans Otto
Mar 22, 2022

Thanks for this.

Stay beautifully, Diane!!!!

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