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Want to feel good right away? Unplug and immerse yourself in nature to rejuvenate and access wonder. Nature unifies our senses, minds, and bodies. Even on the most hectic days, the act of stepping outside allows your nervous system to calm, your cognitive centers to rest, and your mood to lift. It is an instant, no-cost mood enhancer.

The science is compelling. In a 2014 Finnish study, researchers found that even short visits to natural areas can have positive effects on stress relief, compared to visiting a developed, man-made environment. Another study found thart being in the woods for as little as 15 minutes can decrease the stress hormone cortisol, lower-blood pressure, and reduce one's heart rate.

  1. Choose Nature-Try to notice that moment before you decide to pick up the remote or head to the mall, and create space by taking a few breaths, then choose to head out into nature instead-to a local park, garden, or walking trail.

2. Tune Into your senses-Walk along a creek and listen to the water move over rocks.

Stand at the edge of the ocean, watching the surf slide over the sand.

3. Bring your meditation practice outdoors- On your next outdoor excursion, try doing

mindful breathing or a body scan, Take a moment to send good wishes out to the

world with loving-kindness. Notice the effect of combining nature with these

nourishing mindfulness practices.

As a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach it is my goal and purpose to help you

live a vibrant, abundant, healthy life. For more info on how to work with me book your

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