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Mindfulness offers practical ways to find focus, calm, and joy in everyday.

Mindfuless is life changing. It is a superpower that allows you to deliberately direct the beam of your attention instead of being tossed around by racing thoughts and turbulent emotions. It empowers you to choose your mindset and to shift how you relate to your experience so that you have less stress and more joy. Most people think mindfulness is something to add to an already full schedule, a special skill that only a few people can learn, or something that only works for people who have a baseline personality of being calm. Instead practicing mindfulness is about learning, bit by bit, how to train your attention to stay in the present instead of ruminating over the past or racing into the future. Mindfulness is the awareness that arises when we direct our attention on purpose toward our inner experience, towards others, and towards the environment around us. But more than just focusing your mind, it's about your mindset--how you view the world. Mindfulness reinforces a mindset of being open, receptive, accepting, and compassionate. And that starts with noticing your natural tendency to judge, assume you already know something, or resist what life brings or what is out of your control-things that everyone does.

There's ample scientific evidence about the power of mindfulness. Since the first steps in mindfulness research in the early 1990's, the number of studies has increased exponentially. Research has shown that you can change your default mental patterns through repeated practice, a concept called neuroplasticity. The repetition of mental training in effect rewires your brain with new neural pathways that incline you to respond to situations in more skillful ways than automatically reacting out of habit. What's amazing about this: You get to be in the drivers seat of shaping your brain through deliberate practice instead of unwittingly wiring your brain through the influence of cultural norms and your old habits.

You can train your mind and body to optimize your experience even in tech saturated and trying times.

If you are looking to make a positive shift in your life book your online complimentary session today.

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