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"I want to die old very young." I'm not sure where I read that, but boy oh boy did that hit home for me. A few weeks ago, my daughter and I took my granddaughter Amaya to the beach. The beach is my happy place and I love to share it with Amaya! She has the same love for the sand and the ocean as her Momma and her Nana. As we were walking back to the car, carrying ALL THE THNGS! Amaya looked up at me and said "Nana you're strong!"

Her words touched my heart. They are always watching, learning, and doing as we do. They are little sponges.

Today my strength shows up in different ways then it did 10 years ago. Today my granddaughter sees a strong Nana that she wants to, as she says "do yoga" with. Fifteen years ago my exercise and healthy lifestyle kept me strong during my divorce. Choosing to leave a toxic marriage with four children under the age of 15 took strength I didn't know I had. My daughter often told me how strong she thought I was as she watched the abuse her father put me through.

When you take care of you first and make your self care a priority, you can get through anything. I had no idea that my love for me would help me show up better for those I loved. I had no idea it would give me the mental strength to overcome the darkness that surrounded me. I had no idea it would inspire my children to make thier health a priority too.

I had no idea it would lead me down this amazing road of helping others heal, love themselves and know that they can overcome anything. I want you to feel your best, Mind, Body and Soul. I want you to die old very young so that you can have someone in your life see how strong you are!

Love you!


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