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Aging is caused by worn out parts. Our hearts stop working perfectly; our cells get filled with debris; our mitochondria (the energy center of our cells ) get tired and lazy. These and many other declines can be reversed with lifestyle. It all depends on how far you want to go.

The human body is a system, a sophisticated, highly intelligent communication system. It requires balance to operate at optimum. When you were a kid, if you were unhealthy, your system worked perfectly, even with a poor diet. But as we age, an imbalance here and an imbalance there start to add up, until one day you simply always feel like crap.

Sadly, doctors like to give you the latest pill and send you on your way. It's amazing how many people say to me "I just want to feel good again". Lack of energy and frustration as to what to do going forward can leave people feeling hopeless.

Moderate exercising as little as an hour a week of dancing around the house, washing your car, or walking, can cut your risk of developing chronic disease. So if you want vibrant cells in your body, nourish them by making postive lifestyle choices that include maintaining a postive attitude about yourself, your well-being, and your value.

Spending too much time sitting and lying down speeds up the aging process. That's why you need to move your body and experience the earth's gravitational pull through walking, pushing, pulling, and moving. One reason movement is vitally important is that your fluids can more easily move toxins to organs that process them if you aren't sitting all day long. In fact, urinary incontinence is exacerbated by prolonged sitting (as is erectile dysfunction, which is a reason why men need to move too). If the body's toxins aren't processed, cellular breakdown occurs. AKA AGING!

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